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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Brown Dog Books was created in 2020 by two bibliophiles in Northern Arkansas. Currently, there are about 4000 books lovingly stuffed in a 500 sq ft tiny house with a herd of dogs (mostly tiny).

How do you price your books?

Roughly half price for paperbacks, depending on quality, rareness, and phase of the moon.

How do you grade your books?

We are fairly picky. We hate writing in books/stamps/etc. We strive for very clean copies. We will try to note any problems on the description.

Excellent -- Looks brand new. No creases, rips, tears, or blemishes.

Very good -- Maybe some light wear along the edges.

Good -- Decent reading copy. Spine may be creased.

What is the Answer to Life?

42. Consider yourself enlightened now.