Like New Condition. Paperback.  Book 2 of 2 in the Outremer series

River of the World

  • The two cities of Maras-Sund are bound by an otherworldly bridge the Marasi used to conquer the Sundain. With their own magic over the water diminished, the Sundain’s only hope for liberation lies with a man of limitless but untested power.
    Possessing an affinity for water unparalleled by any of his people, Issel has led a small band of resistance fighters across the river from Sund to Maras in an attempt to break the magic binding the lands. But after taking refuge in the cistern network beneath the city, Issel finds his abilities overwhelmed in the presence of so much water—and threatening to tear him apart.
    The rebels find an ally in Jendre, the daughter of a general in Maras’s army, who has her own vendetta against the regime. Her sister is held captive, along with others whose life essences power the magical bridge between her land and Sund.
    Under other circumstances they would have been enemies. But in these extreme times, Issel and Jendre are the last hope of their two suffering peoples.