Very Good Condition. Paperback. Dirk and Steele #6.

Soul Song

  • Against her will, Kitala Bell can foresee the future. But only darkness and violence . . . and death. And now it is her own future that is in peril.

    Her fate is in the hands of a prince of the sea. More than a man—impossibly beautiful and dangerous,with a voice that can seduce and hypnotize—M’cal’s song manipulates lives the way Kitala coaxes sweet music from the strings of her violin. Yet he is a prisoner, the captive of a malevolent mistress intent on using his powers to evil ends, and stretched to the very limits of his endurance. For Kitala, he is light and hope and fantasy, and survival for them both requires a bond more intimate and passionate than either has ever known. But it comes at a  price, for their love threatens not only the lives they’ve always known . . . but the very essence of their souls.