Very Good Condition. Paperback. Book 5 of 5 in the Starhawk series.

Storm Over Saturn

  • 7205 A.D. After almost seven centuries of iron-fisted rule, the Fourth Galactic Empire is in the midst of catastrophic warfare following a rebel attack led by its sworn foe—that charismatic enigma, gifted strategist, and pilot named Hawk Hunter.

    After rebels unexpectedly defeat the Fourth Galactic Empire's Rapid Engagement Fleet, Hawk Hunter's "special help" is suspected. To destroy the rebels, the Empire's storm troopers are going to seize the source that generates all power in the galaxy—a move that will make them invincible and cost trillions of lives.

    To prevent that, Hawk must undertake his most hazardous mission ever: to seek out the one man who can stop the Empire—before it starts the worst Dark Age in history...