Very Good Condition. Paperback. Book of the Gods #1.

The Face of Apollo

  • Young Jeremy Redthorn, seemingly doomed to virtual slavery as a farm laborer for his uncle, has little to lose. So he is willing to risk his life when the beautiful, wounded stranger pleads with him to complete her perilous mission. Jeremy doesn't understand at first that the strange mask - or is it a face? - that he's pledged to deliver can confer upon its wearer all the powers, and the problems, of one of the mightiest gods. But he soon realizes the awesome potential - thrilling yet dangerous - that he holds in his possession. When the soldiers who are hunting for the Mask of Apollo arrive, Jeremy has vanished, and the great prize with him. Centuries ago, it seemed that the gods had deserted humanity. But, now, suddenly they are back. Not only the sun god Apollo, but his unrelenting enemy - dark Hades, Lord of the Underworld, greedy for human bodies and souls to gather into his domain.