Very Good Condition. Paperback. Book 1 of 5 in the Five Senses series.

The Hands of Lyr

  • Once the magnificent garden of the goddess Lyr, the land called the Ryrt lies blackened and desolate, destroyed by an ancient and cunning depravity. It is here that the beautiful child Alnosha came—to awaken, to learn… and to hone her astonishing ability to divine by touch.

    Now years have passed, and another has made his way to this terrible ruined place – an embittered high-born youth fleeing the bloodthirsty servants of a false god. And though he mistrusts Alnosha’s powers, the fugitive Kryn is inexplicably drawn to the reluctant young heroine. For he has been chosen to serve as her sword and champion – to accompany her into the malevolent heart of an all-consuming darkness on a perilous quest for light.