Excellent Condition. Paperback. 4 short stories.

The Real Werewolves of Vampire County

  • I’m pureblood were, and proud of it…“Where Darkness Lives” by Alexandra Ivy

    No one’s more surprised than Sophia when she’s struck by an unfamiliar maternal urge to move near her daughters. But instead of being greeted by a welcome committee, she’s targeted by kidnappers…and saddled with a gorgeous bodyguard on a mission to protect—and seduce…

    I’m a tomboy at heart, but I want a man who makes me feel like a real woman…“Murder on Mysteria Lane” by Angie Fox

    When a werewolf trophy wife is found dead in Vampire County, Heather McPhee goes undercover to investigate. Heather’s never been a mascara-and-manicures sort of girl, but she’s willing to learn. Especially with sexy vampire detective Lucien Mead posing as her husband…Who’s afraid of the big, bad werewolves?

    Not me, that’s for sure…“What’s Yours is Mine” by Jess Haines

    Still Waters is like many other exclusive gated communities—except that it’s home to one of the largest werewolf packs in the state. But Tiffany Winters isn’t frightened of her big, bad new neighbors. In fact, she intends to take her place among the pack…This is a town full of secrets. And I intend to uncover all of them...

    “Werewolves in Chic Clothing” by Tami Dane

    Ever since Christine Price moved in with her fiancé, Jonathan, and his twelve year-old son, she’s worked hard to fit in with a cadre of local women whose lives seem picture-perfect. Except no one in Jon’s upscale neighborhood is quite who they appear to be. Least of all Jon…
    Meanwhile, the fallen goddess Eris has been languishing on the Dark Realm. Yearning for revenge against the Stovall family—especially young daughter Kali—she escapes her hellish holding place and goes on a destructive crusade using her powers of deception and sexual deviance. All that can stop her is someone or something of equal power. . . . Who will face down unstoppable Eris in order to save Kali and other innocents?